Women vs Cars

Typical guys talk about how some girls are “butter faces” everything is nice but her face. A lot of men are turned on by physical attraction mainly the legs, boobs, butt, and sensual hot spots. In one advertisement it shows a picture of a car on a women’s face with the man laying over her. This completely degrades a women and shows that men think about their car than their significant other by saying the “ultimate attraction”, a beautiful women and an amazing car. By comparing a women to a luxury car is not offending, but disgusting and hurtful. People, mostly men, believe that this type of advertisement is acceptable and humorous and women are either forced to submit to this behavior or feel so insecure that they will do anything and everything to make themselves feel better. But this woman lying down is thought to be absolutely acceptable, but it is absolutely not. Women in this world look up to advertisements and feel like that is what the ideal “look” is, especially when the advertisement shows some sort of love or lust. These women or young girls are striving to be like the women in the advertisements when they too are cut down and teased and struggle. It’s hard enough the things women go through with always having to look a certain way, act, speak, smell, walk, and impress, who society calls the higher being, man. We need to be able to seduce and please our significant other and bow down to him. We need to be able to fulfill his needs before our own, as society says. But what about the women? What about their needs?



Yemen: Child Marriage

Have you ever thought about getting married? Have you ever thought about marrying someone the same age as your father, at age 12? Have you ever thought about making love with a man you barely know, thirty years older than you, and absolutely repulsive? Have you ever thought about being 15 years old and living with another man, no being able to depend or seek refuge in anyone else but that man who you would call your husband? Imagine all the factors, life changes, and duties the women, actually girls, have to go through in the Yemen society. They are children who are about to have children. They are girls, like our little sisters, nieces, and cousins, that will have to have intimate relationships will full fledge men! It’s so bad that when men have sexual relations with the young girls they are too fragile and can’t handle the physical pain from the intercourse. If this situation had ever fallen upon my younger sister I would slaughter every possible prospect that tried to marry her. It is out right one of the sickest and most disgusting things I find in other cultures. It is immoral and unjust to ever force a marriage upon a child. I believe that there should be worldwide human rights that the entire world would have to follow but if it were at all possible I’m sure it would have been done already.
Yemen Takes a Step Toward Law Ending Child Marriage





Feminism… Feminist… Female… Girlie girlism… I really don’t get it?! Some people that claim they are feminist aren’t really feminist but rather sexist. All they do is hate on the opposite gender and talk about how being a woman sucks because men use and abuse them, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is. I always thought feminism was about how women are confident in being women, fighting for what they believe in and coming together with some sort of common support system, and just overall loving the fact they were put in this world as woman! So I’m not too sure what feminism really is. I also thought feminism was used to help men and women work and live together, happily, equally, and successfully. It’ seamy to bash on the other sex, I mean hey, it’s human, but do we really need to bash on each other to get attention or make a point. Is all the drama and media necessary. Our past seems to have shaped our present day society and our perspectives on both men and women. The women are looked at as the inferior weaker gender and usually put on a pedestal to accent their partner (usually a man). So what gives man?




Ott’s on Spot!



Would you ever look at a “hobo” as your role model or even as a successful individual? Me neither, until a fair, dirty blonde, and confident woman walked into the room. Sherry Ott is an unforgettable individual. She truly embraces all the characteristics of a successful person and independent woman. She is an inspiration to me and her story of the journey she has travelled, both literally and metaphorically, encourages me to persevere and never give on my dreams, because true happiness is success. The biggest piece of advice I got from her visit was the success is not measured with how filled your account is, but rather how your mind, body, and soul is filled with happiness, inner peace, and passion. With all that we do in our lives we need to take time for ourselves and go back to the basics of what life is about. Just living everyday to the fullest and not worrying about what shall come the next day. Simply living isn’t living unless you’re living simply.

Assumptions about men and women

Assumptions about men and women

1) They are independent.- they don’t like to have to depend on others especially since society looks at them as the weaker sex.
2) They love to be loved and they love to love.- women are very caring and giving. They will show compassion to those in need and will try to understand problems. They don’t give up that easy on anything especially love and like to share and show how they are feeling.
3) Real women don’t like to burden others with their problems.- I think young girls growing up like to tell their friends their issues but as they get older they feel like their friends have enough problems of their own they wouldn’t want to burden them with their own.
4) Always try to look good whenever they go out, even with their friends. – women are always competing, just like men, but in different ways. Women always want to look the best and love the attention when they get it. So they always feel they need to look good in order to get that attention.
5) They like compliments, especially about their appearance.- since women try hard sometimes to look good and fit the trends of society they really appreciate the compliments they are given.

1) Don’t like to be wrong- When having a simple conversation with any man, and you prove him wrong, he refuses to say that he was wrong and you were right.
2) Have a difficult time expressing emotion- Men are supposed to be looked at as tough and hard faced people who don’t show emotions because it is looked at as gay.
3) Depend on their spouses/partners for emotional stability
4) Protective and aggressive- When it comes to their women, sports, and basically everything.
5) Real men are loyal- they are loyal to their friends, family, work, and especially their women!