Assumptions about men and women

1) They are independent.- they don’t like to have to depend on others especially since society looks at them as the weaker sex.
2) They love to be loved and they love to love.- women are very caring and giving. They will show compassion to those in need and will try to understand problems. They don’t give up that easy on anything especially love and like to share and show how they are feeling.
3) Real women don’t like to burden others with their problems.- I think young girls growing up like to tell their friends their issues but as they get older they feel like their friends have enough problems of their own they wouldn’t want to burden them with their own.
4) Always try to look good whenever they go out, even with their friends. – women are always competing, just like men, but in different ways. Women always want to look the best and love the attention when they get it. So they always feel they need to look good in order to get that attention.
5) They like compliments, especially about their appearance.- since women try hard sometimes to look good and fit the trends of society they really appreciate the compliments they are given.

1) Don’t like to be wrong- When having a simple conversation with any man, and you prove him wrong, he refuses to say that he was wrong and you were right.
2) Have a difficult time expressing emotion- Men are supposed to be looked at as tough and hard faced people who don’t show emotions because it is looked at as gay.
3) Depend on their spouses/partners for emotional stability
4) Protective and aggressive- When it comes to their women, sports, and basically everything.
5) Real men are loyal- they are loyal to their friends, family, work, and especially their women!