Would you ever look at a “hobo” as your role model or even as a successful individual? Me neither, until a fair, dirty blonde, and confident woman walked into the room. Sherry Ott is an unforgettable individual. She truly embraces all the characteristics of a successful person and independent woman. She is an inspiration to me and her story of the journey she has travelled, both literally and metaphorically, encourages me to persevere and never give on my dreams, because true happiness is success. The biggest piece of advice I got from her visit was the success is not measured with how filled your account is, but rather how your mind, body, and soul is filled with happiness, inner peace, and passion. With all that we do in our lives we need to take time for ourselves and go back to the basics of what life is about. Just living everyday to the fullest and not worrying about what shall come the next day. Simply living isn’t living unless you’re living simply.