Have you ever thought about getting married? Have you ever thought about marrying someone the same age as your father, at age 12? Have you ever thought about making love with a man you barely know, thirty years older than you, and absolutely repulsive? Have you ever thought about being 15 years old and living with another man, no being able to depend or seek refuge in anyone else but that man who you would call your husband? Imagine all the factors, life changes, and duties the women, actually girls, have to go through in the Yemen society. They are children who are about to have children. They are girls, like our little sisters, nieces, and cousins, that will have to have intimate relationships will full fledge men! It’s so bad that when men have sexual relations with the young girls they are too fragile and can’t handle the physical pain from the intercourse. If this situation had ever fallen upon my younger sister I would slaughter every possible prospect that tried to marry her. It is out right one of the sickest and most disgusting things I find in other cultures. It is immoral and unjust to ever force a marriage upon a child. I believe that there should be worldwide human rights that the entire world would have to follow but if it were at all possible I’m sure it would have been done already.
Yemen Takes a Step Toward Law Ending Child Marriage