Typical guys talk about how some girls are “butter faces” everything is nice but her face. A lot of men are turned on by physical attraction mainly the legs, boobs, butt, and sensual hot spots. In one advertisement it shows a picture of a car on a women’s face with the man laying over her. This completely degrades a women and shows that men think about their car than their significant other by saying the “ultimate attraction”, a beautiful women and an amazing car. By comparing a women to a luxury car is not offending, but disgusting and hurtful. People, mostly men, believe that this type of advertisement is acceptable and humorous and women are either forced to submit to this behavior or feel so insecure that they will do anything and everything to make themselves feel better. But this woman lying down is thought to be absolutely acceptable, but it is absolutely not. Women in this world look up to advertisements and feel like that is what the ideal “look” is, especially when the advertisement shows some sort of love or lust. These women or young girls are striving to be like the women in the advertisements when they too are cut down and teased and struggle. It’s hard enough the things women go through with always having to look a certain way, act, speak, smell, walk, and impress, who society calls the higher being, man. We need to be able to seduce and please our significant other and bow down to him. We need to be able to fulfill his needs before our own, as society says. But what about the women? What about their needs?